Machine using pictures to identify where different bowls of ramen noodles came from?

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Machine using pictures to identify where different bowls of ramen noodles came from?

Post by Admin » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:29 am

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a machine and ask it what it's favourite restaraunt is, how to tell if a shop is authentic, or what it thinks is the shop with the highest quality ingredients based on it's ability to analyze, compile, then render a detailed analysis and provide neutral information?

A data scientist, which is someone (or something) that collects groups of statistical and other categorical information and analyzes it to bring forth findings and conclusions, named Kenji Doi has used a program known as AutoML Vision (read more about the program over here at Google) to implement a coding structure to identify different bowls of ramen noodle specifically by the shop they were made at, basically only using images for drawing conclusions!

Tonkotsu noodle, or Ramen Noodles as they are often called, are made and served in a wide variety of shops, and besides there no doubt being a cook's natural style and flavour to them it would appear very difficult to identify such similar dishes simply by looking at them and past pictures (45,000 or so, to be more precise) from the shops being compared, but that's exactly what this machine was able to do when Kenji Doi had finished compiling and setting everything in order for the survey, and subsequent mechanical detective work, to begin.
With a successful picture to shop comparison of 95% (NINETY-FIVE) percent accuracy I would say this is a very impressive display of comparative analytics, and an example of what the future holds if we can remain creative, positive, and always doing our best to improve!

The possibilities are both wonderful and expansive if we (attempt to) account for the immeasurable stalwart forward movement of technology and the pure drive of those at work bringing new and previously unheard of inventions and ideas to the forefront, and I believe that instances of things like this machine identifying the noodle dish's shop of origin out of such a huge pile of data simply by comparing past pictures of previous bowls of soup to some newer ones really shine at showing how bright the future could be, both from the logical implications of advancement and the hinted-at possibility of our machines becoming more independent and unique all the time!

Remember, what seems impossible today quite often becomes the things that are taken for granted tomorrow.

"And He said, 'The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.'"
Luke 18:27

I hope everyone is well, let me know if you need anything, and I thank you for your time

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